“Learn Every Day” is the basis of our curriculum “Beyond Centers & Circle Time and The Creative Curriculum” for Family Child Care approved by the Office of Early Learning and the Department of Education. Reading and Literacy, Music and Movement are an integral part of our program from Infants through Pre-Kindergarten. Our program for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschooler – is packed with hundreds of activities to provide a nurturing and educational environment for these age groups.

Infants, 1 year old, and younger 2 year old are given the very best of care with immediate response to every need and just the right amount of stimulation.
They are given every opportunity and encouragement to practice newly acquired skills, learning at their own pace with kind, patient, and loving guidance.

They are offered a wide range of activities including:
– Books
– Stories
– Simple Songs
– Musical Instruments
– Dancing
– Painting
– Play Dough
– Manipulative Toys
– Puzzles
– Building Blocks
– Water and Sand Play
– Outdoor Play

Older 2, 3 and 4 year old our Curriculum is a comprehensive fully-integrated curriculum with a focus on “Play With A Purpose”, utilizing the Power of Investigation, the Power of a Story, and the Value of Characters. It builds upon children’s natural curiosity about the world and their place in it.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom (VPK) program offer a variety learning opportunities. Our thematic curriculum is very strong in its literacy and math components giving your child very sound preparation for Kindergarten.

Learning Centers

Classrooms at “The Golden Age” are set up with different activity areas:

– Music & Movement
– Art and Creative Expression
– Writing and Reading•Computers
– Building & Manipulative
– Housekeeping and Dramatic Play
– Science and Discovery
– Legos

Florida State Performance Standards

Children choose an area where they wish to play and may freely move on to another area whenever they wish. Teachers facilitate children’s play during this time and help children develop in all the domains addressed in the «Florida State Performance Standards.»

These are:
– Physical Health and Development
– Approaches to Learning
– Social and Emotional Development
– Language and Communication
– Emergent Literacy
– Cognitive Development and General Knowledge