Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program is a free educational program that helps your 4-year-old be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond.

VPK Schedules


All VPK classes operate Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 11:30am (3 hours Full Year VPK Program).


During these hours, the classes are operated under the rules and guidelines of the Department of Education and the Early Learning Coalition of SWFL.


– Children must be 4 years old by Sept 1st for Fall Session.


VPK Directors and Teachers


Lead Teacher, in our VPK program have a FCCPC (Florida Child Care Professional Credential), Staff Credential Verification, and VPK Director Credential.


Special VPK Free Offers


VPK hours extended to 6:00pm with a FREE Lunch and Snack.


How to get started?


Go to schoolreadiness.org
Please Contact Us for more details.
If you need help, please come in and bring child’s birth certificate
and proof of residence and we will do the rest.


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VPK Curriculum


Our VPK programs deliver high-quality instruction including a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate with a focus on early literacy skills.

We use both thematic curriculum “Beyond Centers & Circle Time and The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care” approved by the Office of Early Learning and the Department of Education are very strong in its literacy and math components.


These VPK curriculum offer also a variety of activities that will give your child the very best preparation for Kindergarten.

A vital component of the curriculum is your involvement. There will be many enjoyable activities for you to do with your child at home, or while out and about, that will help him or her get the full benefit from the program.


VPK Classroom


Our VPK Programs offer a variety of learning opportunities.


Activities Include:

Exciting and detailed lesson plans for the entire year for example:

  • Weekly Themed Lesson Plans (Letter of the Week, Number of the Week, Color of
    the Week & Shape of the Week, Themed Art & Craft Projects, Animal Planet, Five Senses, Farm & Garden, Holidays, Dinosaurs, Fruits & Vegetables, Sports).
  • All lesson plans are age appropriate.

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