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Welcome to the Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Program

 Like you, we consider childhood to be the most important, unique and valuable stage of the human lifecycle, and therefore, the education and values that are passed on to children will mark the way they will be as adults. It is our main objective that our children are happy, contributing to their individual and social development. Offering them personalized assistance and quality education, focusing on the needs, interests, and abilities of each child

Early Learning Environment

Childhood is the most important, unique and valuable stage of
the human life-cycle, and therefore, the education and values
that are passed our children will mark the way they will be as
At The Golden Age is our main objective that our children to
be happy, offering them personalized assistance and a high-
quality early childhood program focusing on the needs,
interests, and abilities of each child, in order to promote the
physical, motor, emotional, intellectual and social development
of each child according to their age.

Secure & Stimulating Environment

The Golden Age provide comprehensive care for boys and
girls in a gender equal, healthy, positive, and inclusive
environment; where the needs of both children with
disabilities and without them are met.

Nap Time

Sleeping and other forms of rest are necessary for healthy
growth and development in young children. The Golden Age
provide bed with safe and sanitary bedding, pillows and
blankets for each child, every day. Ensuring the comfort and
safety of young children while they sleep or nap requires the
implementation of safe sleep best practices to prevent injury or
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SIDS) from occurring.

Outdoors Play

Playing outdoors every day is essential for children’s health
and well-being. The outdoors offers an entirely different
environment for children to explore: more open space in which
to run and stretch, fresh air and weather to experience.
Our commitment to taking children outdoors every day and
encouraging their active play and exploration supports their
physical development and nurtures their appreciation of
The outdoors is filled with adventures and wonders!

What Children Are Learning?

Excellent care makes a difference for children of every age. The
care children receive and their experiences in our program will
have a powerful influence on how they view the world, how
they relate to others, and their ability to be successful as
learners. Children are given the opportunity to explore,
experiment and create in a safe and growing environment that
fosters all the domains addressed in the «Florida State
Performance Standards”: Physical Health and Development,
Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional Development,
Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy, Cognitive
Development and General Knowledge, using play as a didactic
method through the different workshops in the Learning
Centers: Stories & Reading, Music and Movement, Scientific
Inquiry, Creative Expression Through The Arts, Dramatic Play,
Blocks, Puzzles, Games, Computer, and Outdoor Play.

“Learning Through The Play”

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Why Us?

Because as parents, we feel
identified with you in the Face of
the difficult decision to have to
leave your child in the hands of
strangers, and then, to have to
worry about their well-being. At
The Golden Age Child Care, you
can be sure that your mind will
be at ease because we take safety
and quality tow.

Because without a doubt we
want all the children to be
happy, feel loved, be treated
with respect, and that they
view us like extended family.

Because is necessary
also that children
don’t see, touch or
think about anything
that they can’t explain.

In advance, we thank and
value the trust you have placed in us
to take care of your little treasure.
We hope to count on your confidence in
our educational work and be an alternative
that gives you the security of having
chosen the right place for your child.

Thank you for your visit.


1113 NE 2ND PL CAPE CORAL, FL 33909
Phone: (239) 205-4756